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Story Elements and Book Reports Lesson Plan

Book Talk

Story Elements:

Start with a review of what are story elements

Story Elements Free Online Interactives

Book Report:

Each student will choose a book to read and present to the rest of the class.

Each student will be assigned a day within a 3 week period that they will present their book.

If a student is not ready they will have a failing grade.

If a student is absent they will present on the first day they are back.

Alternative arrangements may be considered for students with presentation phobias.

Directions for Students:

  1. Read the entire book.

  1. Select a passage from the book to read aloud.

  1. Prepare some note cards for the book talk

  1. Be sure the presentation includes:

    1. Title

    2. Author

    3. Genre (what type of book, fiction, biography, etc.)

    4. Summary of the story

    5. Best part of the book was ________.

    6. Oral reading (passage selected in #2)

    7. Evaluate the book (good, exciting, dull, etc.)

    8. On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest) this book would be a ___. Why?

    9. Who would you recommend read this book.

  1. Practice the entire presentation.

  1. Review the grading criteria

  1. Know the due date and be prepared on time.

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